Want more clarity on how you can manage
and improve the cash flow of
your e-Commerce business?

You'll learn how you can:

  • Understand your cash flow cycle

  • Forecast your cash flow in the future

  • Forecast your sales

  • Negotiate better purchasing terms with suppliers

  • Plan your inventory

  • Secure financing (without giving up equity)

  • Use scenario planning to identify and mitigate risks

As seen in:

"I’ve created a very simple forecasting for my cash flow, following your advice.
This is just amazing! I have a much better clarity on what’s ahead, and less stress too. Thank you so much for opening my eyes!!"

Sylvain Boutry -

What’s included with this Course?

Free downloads and worksheets to help guide you

Access to the private Mastermind group

Lifetime access to just under 4 hours of video training

Hi, My Name is Rob te Braake

I am the founder of ABEL Finance – We help online business owners feel in control of their numbers, grow faster and be more profitable. 

At ABEL, we believe that the best business decisions are made based on finance insights.  

Finance is a language. It is a way to understand your business, and a way to diagnose all aspects of your business — processes, growth, opportunities, risks and much more. ABEL helps you to translate all the information into clear and actionable insights, so you can make better decisions.  

I believe eCommerce entrepreneurs have more to gain from financial insight than any other business owner.

Hi, My Name is Mads Singers

Having worked as a management coach for 6+ years, I have coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola as well as with innumerable entrepreneurs in small to mid-sized companies.

As an entrepreneur with multiple eCommerce businesses of my own, eCommerce entrepreneurs are some of my favorite clients.

And they love working with me too, because of my deep knowledge of their business model.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

Module 1: Cash Flow

  • The importance of understanding your cash flow

  • Understanding difference between profit and cash flow

  • How to calculate your cash flow position using our easy-to-use spreadsheet templates

  • Why understanding your cash flow informs almost every business decision you make

  • How a straight forward financial dashboard helps you get insights

Module 2: Sales & Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Watch as we walk you through a live example with real data that you can easily relate to

  • Simple formulas you can use to “predict the future” and determine…

  • When you can increase your inventory or launch a new product

  • When you can expand your team

  • Plus, surprising insights on how you can work with your suppliers based on your forecasting models

Module 3: How to Forecast (step-by-step)

  • Sales Forecasting

  • Procurement & Inventory Forecasting

  • Forecasting for seasonal businesses

Module 4: Financing (without giving up equity)

  • An overview of the best financing options and which to avoid

  • How to choose the right option based on where you need to use the capital in your business

  • “Tricks of the trade” that will save you thousands of dollars

Module 5: Scenario Planning & Analysis

  • Why it’s worth your time to do Scenario planning & forecasting

  • The Risk Assessment Quadrants model

  • How to determine the highest probability/highest risk scenarios

  • Prevention measures you can take to avoid a potential crisis

  • The most common scenarios for eCommerce businesses of every type

Templates & Worksheets

The templates you’re getting are the same tools we use with clients. They have been improved and refined over the years and hundreds of hours of use.

These alone are worth the value of the course because of the countless hours of time and frustration it’ll save you.

The Scenario Planning Worksheet is designed specifically for eCommerce businesses like yours and includes the most common scenarios to plan for.


We are 100% confident the systems and strategies outlined in this course will change the way you approach growing and scaling your business through effective financial management.  

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We have no interest in offering our knowledge to those who just want to “window shop.” So I’m going to assume you’re serious about putting 100% of your effort into this program. And if you feel that I haven’t given you 100% of my effort in return, you get 100% of your purchase price refunded to you. It’s that simple.  

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